Do You Have a Weight Problem?

Do You Have a Weight Problem?

Our body requires energy for our daily activities. This is obtained from the food we eat. The basic principle is that if our daily intake does not match with the expenditure, it can result in ill health.

A few extra pounds???

If our intake exceeds our requirements, the extra energy is used for fat synthesis and this fat gets stored in our body. This excess fat can pose serious health risks. 2003-2004 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey in the US indicates that 66.3% of adults age 20 years and over are overweight.

Why do people tend to get overweight?

  • High fat diets ( Long live fast food!)
  • Inactive lifestyle (Thanks to the mostly sedentary office jobs)
  • Lack of regular exercise ( How am I going to exercise with all things I’ve got to do?)
  • Stress (An ice cream is just perfect to ease out the stress! 🙂 )
  • Genetic Basis

Oh! It’s in my genes. No wonder dieting never worked out for me!

Newsflash! You can’t just go and blame your genes for it. Genetic basis indicates that you have a higher tendency to get fat. If you want to get fat, the ONE AND ONLY ONE way by which you can ‘attain it’ is by eating in excess of your requirements!