Cardiac rejection monitoring device

Soul MateTM Cardiac Rejection Monitoring Device is a novel device proposed for evaluation of cardiac allograft rejection. An evaluation was published in abstract form by Horai T et al in Circulation. 2008;118:S_708. They evaluated Soul MateTM Cardiac Rejection Device (CRD) implantation in five dogs in whom heterotopic cervical cardiac transplantation had been done. The device records intramyocardial electrograms (IMEG) with three leads in six different lead configurations and transmit the data with remote wireless data communication. Baseline data were recorded with immunosuppression and sequential data were recorded after withdrawal of immunosuppression. Biopsy specimens were also obtained on a regular basis. There was good correlation between the biopsy and electrogram data. The full text has been published in Circulation. 2009;120:S185-S190 recently. The authors conclude that this is a proof-of-concept study which suggests that the device could be used to monitor cardiac allografts for rejection more frequently and intensely than endomyocardial biopsy.

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