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Early repolarization syndrome
Early repolarization syndrome

Early repolarization syndrome: Concave upwards ST segment elevation with a notch at the end of the QRS complex (J point) or a slurring of the terminal QRS seen in lateral leads is characteristic of early repolarization syndrome (ERPS). Till recently ERPS was considered as a benign condition, only thought of in the differential diagnosis of ST elevation myocardial infarction. But a paper by Haissaguerre  M et al in NEJM [1] in 2008 brought ERPS into limelight as a potential arrhythmogenic condition. Actually the same group had highlighted on the new syndrome the previous year in the Journal of Interventional Cardiac Electrophysiology [2].

In a recent article by Frederic Sacher, Michel Haissaguerre in BMH Medical Journal [3], they highlighted on the need for specific definition for ERPS. They also mentioned that having an ERPS pattern is not a disease by itself. But it is crucial to give importance when there is a family history of sudden cardiac death and in patients with syncope having dramatic J point elevation and a descending/horizontal ST segment. They mentioned that even though 5% of Caucasian population may have this ECG pattern, only 1/2500 are at risk of ventricular fibrillation.


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