Fever with polyarthralgia – Medicine MCQ – CVS – Answer

Fever with polyarthralgia – Medicine MCQ – CVS – Answer

Person presents with fever of 2 weeks and polyarthralgia. Which of the following findings will you specifically look for in the hands: Correct answer: c) Splinter hemorrhages

From the point of view of cardiovascular system, prolonged fever with polyarthralgia could be a manifestation of infective endocarditis. Rheumatic fever seldom presents as prolonged fever. Striking manifestation is usually polyarthritis in rheumatic fever.

Heberden’s nodes are seen in osteoarthritis. Cyanosis has no specific relation in this context though rarely cyanotic heart disease can present with infective endocarditis. Tendon xanthomas are a feature of familial hypercholesterolemia and is not relevant in this situation.

Other findings on the hand to look for in this person would be clubbing, Osler’s nodes and Janeway lesions.

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