Higher push-up capacity – lower CVD

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Higher push-up capacity – lower CVD

The more the number of push-ups you are able to do in one minute, lower the risk of incident cardiovascular risk, says a study published in the JAMA Open [1]. The data analysed comes from over 1100 fire-fighters with data on push-up capacity and effort tolerance by modified Bruce protocol on treadmill exercise test. Follow up period was 10 years. Those who were able to complete 40 push-ups in a minute had significantly lower rate of incident cardiovascular disease over the 10 year period compared to those who could complete only 10 push-ups.


  1. Yang J, Christophi CA, Farioli A, Baur DM, Moffatt S, Zollinger TW, Kales SN. Association Between Push-up Exercise Capacity and Future Cardiovascular Events Among Active Adult Men. JAMA Netw Open. 2019 Feb 1;2(2):e188341.

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