Peri-stent contrast staining after DES

Brief Note

Peri-stent contrast staining after DES is a new terminology coined by Imai M et al [1] for an abnormal angiographic finding at sites of drug eluting stent (DES) implantation appearing like contrast staining outside the stent struts. Peri-stent contrast staining is meant to include those abnormal angiographic finding which do no fulfill the criteria for a coronary aneurysm. It is defined as contrast staining outside the contour of the stent extending 20% or more of the stent diameter. In the study by Imai M et al, peri stent staining was noted in 2.5% of the study population comprising of about three thousand and one hundred patients. Chronic total occlusion was noted to be an independent risk factor for peri stent staining. Left circumflex lesion and in-stent restenosis lesions were negative predictive factors for peri-stent staining. Target lesion revascularization and very late stent thrombosis at three years were noted to be higher in those with peri stent staining.

  1. Imai M et al. Incidence, risk factors, and clinical sequelae of angiographic peri-stent contrast staining after sirolimus-eluting stent implantation. Circulation. 2011 May 31;123(21):2382-91.

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