Measures to reduce radiation exposure during interventional procedures

Measures to reduce radiation exposure during interventional procedures

Important measures to reduce radiation exposure include:

  1. Lower the rate of fluoroscopy
  2. Minimize the use of cinefluoroscopy which has 10 times higher radiation dose
  3. Proper use of collimation
  4. Maximize the distance between the operator and X-ray source
  5. Doubling the distance reduces exposure to one fourth
  6. Avoid left anterior oblique projection which gives maximum scatter radiation to operators

These measures are in addition to routine precautions of using lead apron, thyroid shield, lead glasses, radiation protection caps and if available, lead shields for the legs. Hanging lead shields protect scatter from the image intensifier. Lead shields below the table reduces radiation from the X-ray source. Personal dosimeters should be used always and real time dosimeters if available.


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