Same day discharge for peripheral arterial procedures in elderly: SENIOR-ER registry

Same day discharge for peripheral arterial procedures in elderly: SENIOR-ER registry

Peripheral arterial procedures in elderly: Same day discharge after peripheral arterial procedures have been documented to be safe in younger individuals. Now a new study published early online in Catheter and Cardiovascular Interventions [1] has shown that it can be applied in elderly individuals above 70 years as well. The obvious advantage in elderly individuals is that it avoids the risk of delirium, which is common in elderly and demented individuals after night stay in intensive care units.

The peripheral arterial procedures performed where balloon angioplasty, atherectomy and stenting. The study collected data on 477 consecutive patients. There were no deaths, target lesion revascularization, myocardial infarction stroke or increase in serum creatinine in these selected patients after same day discharge.

Several factors were considered before deciding on same day discharge: Procedures completed by midday, suitability for discharge within 3-5 hours, staying locally with a companion, easy phone access and absence of acute psychiatric conditions or delirium. They had 24/7 phone access to a nursing staff and a doctor on call when indicated. Care plan in case of any complication was detailed prior to discharge. If there was no complications, they returned next day for follow up.


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