Tricuspid regurgitation – Medicine MCQ – CVS – Answer

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Tricuspid regurgitation – Medicine MCQ – CVS – Answer

Tricuspid regurgitation produces – Correct answer: c) Giant v wave

Systolic wave in the jugular venous pulse is the v wave. Hence it becomes very prominent in tricuspid regurgitation as large quantity of blood enters the right atrium from the right ventricle.

Prominent a wave is seen when there is obstruction to the tricuspid valve (tricuspid stenosis). a wave can be prominent when the right ventricle becomes stiff due to hypertrophy as in pulmonary stenosis or pulmonary hypertension. In this situation, right atrium finds it more difficult to empty its content, becomes hypertrophied and contractions become more powerful.

c waves in the right atrium occur due to closure of tricuspid valve at the onset of systole. In jugular venous pulse it is due to the carotid artifact as systole pushes blood into the carotids.

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